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A new milestone!

It seems strange to me that this post comes only 4 months after the last gold milestone post I made.  As you may well remember, most of my World of Warcraft time is spent playing with the auction house as its one of the few things that I can manage most days due to health.  Because of this, I’ve been working hard to create a gold fund for my characters as well as for Mr Wench’s characters.  He doesn’t have time to play often due to work schedule, so its nice to be able to return the favour he does me by paying for my WoW account, keeping a roof over my head, food on my plate and generally looking after me.  When he does have time to play, I buy anything he needs in-game as a thank you.

For me, it means I have the added safety net for the weeks where I’m too tired to do anything that requires concentration (raiding, dungeons, questing or even levelling in general).  Rather than worry about falling behind the curve with my raid gear because I can’t run the looking for raid versions or do many dungeons, I can afford to spend on the crafted items or other BoE items in order to keep up.

So here it is; the magic screenshot of my new 2 million milestone!

Finally reaching the 2 Million gold milestone.

The main bulk of my income this time was different to the first million.  Over the past few months, I’ve found enchant scrolls to be particularly big sellers especially if you managed to stockpile enchanting materials before the 4.3 patch.  I stockpiled much more than I thought I would use, and ran out very quickly. I obviously totally underestimated how many people would be buying. Another big boost to my finds has been the PvP craftable items, especially the jewellery and leather items.  On my server the jewelcrafters are so busy fighting each other for the cut gems market that they totally over look the PvP jewellery.  Most days this leaves me with a niche market.  With the leather PvP armour, it’s not so much that people forget that it gets upgraded each patch, more that they cannot acquire the leather at a good enough price as there are several of us that buy up all the leather under a certain price every day.  By the time 4.3 patch came in, I had two guild bank tabs full of Heavy Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale and Pristine Hides.

If you read this hoping for inspiration and advice in making more gold in World of Warcraft the best I can give you is to be patient and watch.  Every server is different.  The way to make money on your server is to watch what sells well and try to think what each new patch is going to make people want.  The big things introduced in the 4.3 patch for example were a new PvP season, new raid and a few new dungeons.  This means that people will be getting new items that they want to use (needing gems and enchants) and that they will want better PvP gear to compete, especially more casual players.  Even if you don’t have the gold to invest in a large supply of crafting materials to make money with, you should always think about buying up the materials that you will need personally.  So many of my friends were not prepared and when they started collecting their new items in raids they suddenly realised that the price increases meant they couldn’t afford to gem their new items.

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Pretzels and beer? What’s not to like?

Yes, its that time of year again in World of Warcraft when everyone’s favourite holiday event arrives.


Once again insane token hungry characters will be hurtling back and forth on rams, mowing down every luckless dwarf between Ironforge and Kharanos.

Another stein for the Wench's collection.

I thought I was finished with Brewfest on my little priest and it sort of made me sad.  I have many other Dwarves and even non-dwarves (aye, they do exist) that can collect things from Brewfest but after last year I figured Swanhild was done with it.  I was so disappointed last year to receive no celebratory stein for her collection that I nearly didn’t even take her to have a look.  Somehow the call of the pretzels was too strong though and she found herself once more at the beer-soaked tents.  How wonderful to find that there was a new stein this year after all!  An overflowing purple brewfest stein, no less!

I do have a few tips that I have picked up over the years for the ram racing, for those that like me are unable to physically move much behind the keyboard.  It may be a time limited event, but taking a few seconds to make sure that you have the ram reins set with a keybinding will save you lots of time overall.  I usually keep an action bar slot empty with a keybinding set to it so that whenever a quest pops up that requires you to use an item on the move, its easy to quickly drag it into the required slot.  I have this slot bound to a button adjacent to my thumb joystick so it then takes relatively little effort to activate.   Another tip is that while you can shave your route down to the barest minimum to claim back extra valuable seconds, the old adage still stands: “less haste, more speed”.  The apple baskets do not always register that you have passed them, and finding this out once you are several steps past them will often lead to an exhausted ram.  Allow yourself to spend an extra second if needed bumping into the basket to ensure you got the buff (you will see a flash of red light on your character if you did).  You can much shave time off much easier by knowing the shortest route between apple baskets and at the collection and drop off points.  When you pick up your barrel, you do not have to run all the way up to the dwarf, he will toss it to you from quite a distance.  I usually ride as close as the brazier in the middle of the wall and then U-turn back the way I came.  The barrel will follow you and usually catch up by the time you reach your first apple barrel.  The drop-off point is a similar situation.  As long as you have passed the flag in front of the tent, you will throw the barrel.  You do not need to run all the way inside or anything.

I shall call him Erik...

This year, we even have a new toy to spend our tokens on: Brewfest Keg Pony.  This cute little chap carries two kegs of beer!  I know he’s not a real pet but he’s just as cute and a good little plaything for the pet obsessed like myself.

I am of course assuming here that you have already done Brewfest to death year after year, but if this is all new to you and you wish to find some help completing quests and achievements, then take a look here.

That’s it from me…I’m off to stuff my face with cinnamon pretzels make some more gold!

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Curves in all the right places!

No, no, not me! My Dwarf!

After weeks of searching for inspiration on an outfit for my little Discipline Priest, I finally found the outfit I want.  You may remember from previous posts that my aim was to find an outfit that looked like it was a complete set but that wasn’t something that every priest I met would also be wearing.  It also had to look good on a female dwarf figure (not as easy as it sounds).

The outfit that I have put together for Swanhild allows her to have an item visible in the head slot without hiding her fantastic swirling braids when she casts (one of the best reasons ever for playing a female dwarf!).  The chest armour doesn’t look stretched or oddly shaped, but instead compliments the large cleavage.  The entire look seems, for lack of a better term, dwarvish.  But don’t take my word for it, have a look…

I love that while the outfit contains only cloth pieces, many of the individual parts look to be made from leather or metal.  The whole breastplate section had me thinking of Wagnerian valkyries at first glance!

The outfit is comprised of:

Head – Silk Headband, Shoulders – Frostwoven Shoulders, Chest – Moonshroud Robe, Waist – Plush Sash of Guzbah (this has exactly the same graphics as the robe beneath it so it is effectively invisible), Legs – anything you like as they are not visible, Boots – Savior’s Slippers, Bracers – anything small so that it is hidden by the gloves, and Gloves – Moonshroud Gloves.

You’ll notice that the outfit has an extra benefit of being mostly craftable by a tailor (all except the belt) and while that wasn’t something I’d focussed on, I don’t usually have the spare energy to run old raids very often.

So…what will YOU be wearing?

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