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Weekend Drama

This weekend was our first wedding anniversary. While we are rather limited in celebration options, I had arranged to have a raid night off and we planned on having a lovely day together just enjoying the company. Things never quite seem to work out as we plan.

Mr Wench managed to have an accident at work on Thursday, hitting his head and cutting a deep gouge along his scalp. He’d been advised by the first aid team to just leave it as they didn’t think it would require stitching. On Friday morning, however, it was still bleeding so Mr Wench woke me up to get a second opinion on whether he needed to go to the hospital. I got up, took a quick look and confirmed that I thought a hospital visit would be necessary…and then collapsed on the floor.

I’m really not the sort of person that faints at the sight or blood or anything and I’d been checking on the progress of his head wound the day before. One of the symptoms I get with ME when under stress or particularly worn out is that my temperature can suddenly go up or down without warning. I also react badly to temperature rises (nothing to do with ME, just a bonus quirk) so after all the stress of keeping an eye on Mr Wench and just generally having been a little run down, I woke up, my temperature rose and I overheated. Annoyingly, I’d managed to collapse behind the bathroom door and while Mr Wench had seen the sudden colour drain from my face and checked my fall, I was now blocking the bathroom door shut and he couldn’t get out. Mr Wench is not just my husband, he’s also my carer. Having watched over me for so many years, he thankfully realised this was likely a temperature issue and covered me in cold damp towels and flannels until I started to be responsive again. After cooling down again, I was just exhausted and a bit bruised and he was able to head on to the hospital to get his head treated with medical glue.

Our anniversary celebrations were a little more quiet and subdued than we’d planned, but it reminded us that we have each other to lean on.

In World of Warcraft, I have done very little this week outside of raid time commitments. My auction sales and stockpiling are becoming more reserved as we approach patch day. I have stopped restocking PvP armours and am just selling off the stock I have left, as it will be mostly useless by patch day. Jewellery, enchants, gems and the like will still be useful so I cam still keeping them stocked. The rest of the time has been used to stockpile more materials. I have been focussing more on Magnificent Hides, Exotic Leather and Windwool Cloth this week as my supplies in each are rather low and I feel it will be impossible to have too much! Witht he increased amounts of each used for new daily coolowns, I suspect there may be an increase in demand leading to higher prices which would choke my supply line or force me to raise crafting prices.

Show Me The Money


That’s down by just over 110k from last week but the increase in stored materials and supplies is huge. As I’ve done this over the course of a few weeks, I have been able to buy just the low priced items rather than paying much more when demand is higher. One more week until I start to see my finances going in the right direction again!



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Addon Recommendation: Daily Checklist



Recently I stumbled across a little addon that might as well have been written for me. If you happen to have memory issues due to illness (or even just have a lot to do and tend to forget some of them) this is a great addon for you to look into.

It allows you to create little checklists on a profile system so that you can either have a little checklist for each character or (like I do) a global list broken down into several sub-lists for each character so that I can see it on all the characters.

You can choose to have each entry on the checklist reset on a daily basis, only on specific days or weekly and you can set the day and time for resets. In the accompanying picture, you can see my setup. As the titles are all character names, I’ve blanked them out (mostly because I have problems if people try to whisper me during a raid as it ruins my concentration) but the rest should be clearly visible. As I complete each task I just click the box next to it and depending on the settings the entry either disappears completely or gains a yellow tick mark in the box.

I use it to remind myself of all my crafting cooldowns, AH restock, reminders to check on my farm or hand in lesser charms for bonus rolls once a week and well anything else I can think of!

If you are interested in taking a look for yourself, you can find it here.





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Stockpiling Frenzy!

I will admit that this week I have gone perhaps a little over the top in my stockpiling efforts. My aim here was to store a large quantity of the crafting materials that I use regularly while they were a reasonable price so that if my speculation is correct and the prices on these items rise whent he 5.4 patch is released on 10/11th September I would still be able to craft as much as I wanted at the current prices I use. It would also mean that with a large stockpile I would not be hindered by any lack of supply on the auction house due to increased demand.

This is a minimum risk strategy really. If my speculation is wrong or the  prices drop instead of rising I won’t really lose out. I already know I will use all these materials in crafting and as a new tier will be available the demand for enchants, gems etc will be high.


I have several bank tabs full of Ghost Iron Ore ready for smelting/prospecting as needed as well as a large amount of Trillium bars and Magnificent Hides ready for crafting cooldowns so that I don’t get stuck with a day or two where I can’t use CDs to learn new recipes and gain the new crafting materials. With the new Engineering mount requiring 30 each of Living Steel and the new engineering craftable (Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source) both being on a daily cooldown, it could be a long time until these reach the auction house. I’ve also stocked up on Golden Lotus to make sure that I can keep myself stocked with raid flasks for personal use (or sale if the price goes up on my server to make them a viable selling option) as well as to be able to transmute gems if my stocks start to run low.

Show Me The Money!


That’s dropped from last week by about 63k but I’m not worried as I expect to make that back with interest once the patch arrives!


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Choose Your Poison

There are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. You don’t have to choose one and ignore the rest, you can dabble in as many markets and types of income as you like. My health restricts gameplay that requires me to concentrate to a couple of hours each day, which is usually reserved for raiding. This means that the methods I choose to use to make gold are ones that require no endless killing of monsters or running of instances. My income is primarily through making purchases on the auction house and then selling those items on the auction house either in the same form or crafted into new ones. To help me in this, I have every crafting profession at maximum level although the introduction of so many time-consuming factions in this expansion containing crafting recipes does mean that some of the newer recipes are not available to me.

My stable income is usually from the things that people need to continually buy each time they get new useable loot: enchants of all types (including inscription and tailoring) and gems. I also like to keep a good stock of PvP armour and Glyphs on the AH, as while these are one off purchases they are quite popular.

It did occur to me just after I’d made the previous post that my gold funds would be dropping a lot before they go up as the new patch isn’t very far away. The reason for this is that with a new patch some items often have a greater demand and go up in price, as well as with a new tier of PvP and PvE gear players tend to find themselves purchasing more enchants than usual. With this in mind, I tend to stockpile items that I use regularly that I am expecting to go up in price so that I am not forced to suddenly pay a lot more than I usually do to acquire them. This enables me to have a larger profit margin when the patch hits. The investment will hopefully pay off in a few weeks when the patch arrives, but as with all things it is a bit of a gamble albeit a low risk one.








Show Me The Money!


It surprised me to find that while stockpiling so much this week I still managed to make a small profit with my regular sales. I guess that mostly suggests I haven’t been stockpiling enough!

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A new milestone!

It seems strange to me that this post comes only 4 months after the last gold milestone post I made.  As you may well remember, most of my World of Warcraft time is spent playing with the auction house as its one of the few things that I can manage most days due to health.  Because of this, I’ve been working hard to create a gold fund for my characters as well as for Mr Wench’s characters.  He doesn’t have time to play often due to work schedule, so its nice to be able to return the favour he does me by paying for my WoW account, keeping a roof over my head, food on my plate and generally looking after me.  When he does have time to play, I buy anything he needs in-game as a thank you.

For me, it means I have the added safety net for the weeks where I’m too tired to do anything that requires concentration (raiding, dungeons, questing or even levelling in general).  Rather than worry about falling behind the curve with my raid gear because I can’t run the looking for raid versions or do many dungeons, I can afford to spend on the crafted items or other BoE items in order to keep up.

So here it is; the magic screenshot of my new 2 million milestone!

Finally reaching the 2 Million gold milestone.

The main bulk of my income this time was different to the first million.  Over the past few months, I’ve found enchant scrolls to be particularly big sellers especially if you managed to stockpile enchanting materials before the 4.3 patch.  I stockpiled much more than I thought I would use, and ran out very quickly. I obviously totally underestimated how many people would be buying. Another big boost to my finds has been the PvP craftable items, especially the jewellery and leather items.  On my server the jewelcrafters are so busy fighting each other for the cut gems market that they totally over look the PvP jewellery.  Most days this leaves me with a niche market.  With the leather PvP armour, it’s not so much that people forget that it gets upgraded each patch, more that they cannot acquire the leather at a good enough price as there are several of us that buy up all the leather under a certain price every day.  By the time 4.3 patch came in, I had two guild bank tabs full of Heavy Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale and Pristine Hides.

If you read this hoping for inspiration and advice in making more gold in World of Warcraft the best I can give you is to be patient and watch.  Every server is different.  The way to make money on your server is to watch what sells well and try to think what each new patch is going to make people want.  The big things introduced in the 4.3 patch for example were a new PvP season, new raid and a few new dungeons.  This means that people will be getting new items that they want to use (needing gems and enchants) and that they will want better PvP gear to compete, especially more casual players.  Even if you don’t have the gold to invest in a large supply of crafting materials to make money with, you should always think about buying up the materials that you will need personally.  So many of my friends were not prepared and when they started collecting their new items in raids they suddenly realised that the price increases meant they couldn’t afford to gem their new items.

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Virtually a millionaire!

While I do spend a lot of time online playing World of Warcraft, most people by now realise that I play it mainly to socialise with other people. It gets a little lonely here at times and while I can’t shimmy until I ache all over anymore (well no actually I can still do that, it just takes 5-10 seconds rather than 5-10 minutes!) I can in a virtual world fight monsters and cast spells. However these things quickly take their toll of my energy and while it is mostly mental exertion, it still leaves me exhausted. I’ve managed now to keep a balance of no more than a couple of hours doing questing and raiding with my friends. So what is it I do with all the rest of the time I have between resting breaks? Gold, my friend…gold.


I discovered many months ago that playing about with the in game Auction House doesn’t drain my energy.  The actual mental input is minimal and as I’m not being forced to concentrate on flashing lights, audio alarms and little green bars – which is my usual focus when healing my little raid team – I find that I can happily keep myself entertained for ages.  Who knew how interesting it could be to watch the little piles of gold come rolling in?  At first I collected gold because there would often be weeks when I couldn’t join in at all and in order to make sure I could keep up with my friends and not fall too far behind, I started to amass a “rainy day” fund to enable me to purchase equipment when I would lag behind.  This soon spread to being able to fund Mr Wench’s occasional wishes in WoW too (as he does all the real life work that pays for our accounts) until my little nest egg had reached around 20,000 gold! A fortune!  Perhaps not…


Getting heavily into the swing of my new little addiction, I decided to try to get to the gold cap for a character in the game.  At that time it was around 250k gold, which seemed so far away.  The week before I managed it, Blizzard moved the goal posts and stretched the character gold cap to 1 million gold (well actually its one copper short, but I’m not fussy).  Not one to give up easily, especially now that I was so determined to reach that elusive gold cap, I continued planning, scheming and counting the coppers until finally last month…


I also seem to have developed a fascinatingly melodious and psychedelic sunflower pet.


You’d think that would be enough, wouldn’t you? My menagerie of WoW vanity pets has grown to the point of no longer having pets that I can use gold to purchase.  I have caught up with all the equipment I wanted to buy for my main character, and while lacking the energy to play the other characters, there seems little point to buying things for them.


But no…the second million awaits…and it has cookies!


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