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Addon Recommendation: Daily Checklist



Recently I stumbled across a little addon that might as well have been written for me. If you happen to have memory issues due to illness (or even just have a lot to do and tend to forget some of them) this is a great addon for you to look into.

It allows you to create little checklists on a profile system so that you can either have a little checklist for each character or (like I do) a global list broken down into several sub-lists for each character so that I can see it on all the characters.

You can choose to have each entry on the checklist reset on a daily basis, only on specific days or weekly and you can set the day and time for resets. In the accompanying picture, you can see my setup. As the titles are all character names, I’ve blanked them out (mostly because I have problems if people try to whisper me during a raid as it ruins my concentration) but the rest should be clearly visible. As I complete each task I just click the box next to it and depending on the settings the entry either disappears completely or gains a yellow tick mark in the box.

I use it to remind myself of all my crafting cooldowns, AH restock, reminders to check on my farm or hand in lesser charms for bonus rolls once a week and well anything else I can think of!

If you are interested in taking a look for yourself, you can find it here.





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I cried like a baby

Its been a hell of a week!

Firstly, my computer decided that it was going to give up the ghost and spectacularly fried the hard drive.  My computer is my lifeline to the rest of the world as I can’t just get up and go see people, so it left me feeling a little isolated.

To add to all this though, I woke up yesterday and my finger was itching and red and very uncomfortable.  After the best part of an hour, I managed to finally remove my engagement ring in case it got any worse.  I most definitely did not want to have to have my engagement ring cut in order to remove it from my finger.  After another hour or so the swelling had subsided to enough of a degree that the cause was apparent: I had gained enough weight that my ring would no longer fit my finger.

I was devastated.

Suffering from CFS (ME) is very frustrating for me because you can’t just work harder at getting better.  Lack of exercise is gradually de-conditioning my muscles and I am gaining weight.  I can’t actively exercise as this uses even more energy that I just don’t have.  I have a series of exercises given to me by an Occupational Therapist from the CFS group at my local hospital, but these are just tools to try to prevent my muscles from wasting away really.  Much more than that is currently out of my reach.

I had spent many of my sessions with my doctor discussing the weight gain that I had little control over and she had reminded me that I’d lost it all once before and that when I have recovered from the CFS (ME) I can lose it all again, and that there wasn’t really any point in worrying about the things I can’t really change currently.  But now my ring doesn’t fit.

Mr Wench came home from work to find me bawling my eyes out.  I’m not talking little lady-like tears here, I’m talking full on, nose the colour of a beetroot, uncontrollable hysterics.  I know that not being able to wear that ring makes no difference to how much Mr Wench loves me, or how much I love him.  We have put our wedding on hold for so long in order for me to be well enough to participate that not being able to wear my ring was just one more in a long list of frustrations.

But it was my ring.  Its beautiful.

And every time I glanced down at my hand and saw that little flash of light reflected from my ring it made me smile.

Now it is tied around my wrist with a piece of string but it isn’t the same.

I know its silly to get so upset over such a trivial thing in the grand scheme of things, but it was one of the few things I could count on to lift my mood on a bad day, and now our wedding just looks further and further away.

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Pull up a chair, grab a drink, help yourself to the cookies and stay for a while.

I’m a little new to the whole blogging concept, so bear with me. I’m pretty much housebound due to my health and have been for a couple of years now. Other than my partner who patiently looks after me when he isn’t at work, my only real social contact is with medical professionals, using Facebook and by playing World of Warcraft. It can get a little lonely and depressing.

There are many people that want to visit and see how I am doing and indeed many people I really would like to see. The brutal reality of it however, is that the sensory input from having another person to interact with, especially one I haven’t seen for a while is just too much for me. The conversation would tire me out within minutes and set my recovery progress back as well as seeming a wasted journey for the visitors.

So here I am, desperately hoping to avoid the atrophy of my vocabulary, and looking for another way to have conversations without overloading myself!

My alter ego in World of Warcraft is primarily a female Dwarf Priest, currently often seen patching guild members back together. I seem to be doing fairly well in my new role, although it has been somewhat of a struggle to keep the concentration going through raid sessions…even if my guild’s three hour raid sessions are somewhat short by most people’s standards!

So this is me…in brief.

I’m sure you’ll get to know me over time, if you plan on hanging around.

There are more cookies…

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