Watching Pandas

01 Apr

When I first saw the reveals for the new expansion over Blizzcon, I was undecided as to my reaction of the Pandaran themselves.  The lore behind them has always made me smile and the artwork that was revealed at Blizzcon looked inspiring and truly beautiful.  I knew I would want to play the expansion regardless of my feelings for our new panda-based kindred, and that I was excited to see how the monk class would work.

Up until recently, the Pandaren female hadn’t been seen either, and as I have a tendency to play female characters this was important to me.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not one of the people that spent ages spamming the official Blizzard forums with knee-jerk reactions and declarations of cancelling my subscription, but I did wonder if the new race would become a firm favourite with me like my Dwarves, Goblins and Gnomes or whether it would be relegated to the unplayed race category currently occupied only by Night Elves.

Five minutes of the beta was all it took.

The little head tilt and coy swivelling on one foot won me over instantly.

The model appears to be very similar in shape and size to the female Dwarf model.  They appear to have very wiggly posteriors which I’m sure will appeal to some players as that’s often all you get to see while playing.  The idling animation is ridiculously cute too.  I’m honestly not the sort of person that gets all giggly and girly over things but to my horror that was my exact reaction to my new Pandaren.


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